Coirfit Bodymate Coirfit Bodymate

Coirfit Bodymate

For sleepers who flop and roll all over the bed, it can be difficult to get consistent hea..


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Springfit Body Super Micro Fibre Pillow Springfit Body Super Micro Fibre Pillow

Springfit Body Super Micro Fibre Pillow

The unique Springfit Body Pillow Pressure Reliever uses smart design and technology to mak..


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Body Pillow

Body Pillow

Body pillows, body mate, anti-micro bacterial body pillows at Kartabed

Perfect for snuggling, body pillow will give you the comfort of a restful sleep. The Body pillow is filled with slow release, soft and silky fiber, with a special ultrasoft fabric case. Made with micro-fiber, the body mate or the full body pillow is the best companion for your sound sleep. The body pillow can lie vertical across the top of your bed and you can have comfortable snuggle for a side sleep.

Body pillows are made with unique pure cotton cover that absorbs moisture, strong, resistant to wash and are with perfect hygiene. They are made from twist yarns using plain, small figured and large-figured weaves.

Anti-micro bacterial body pillows have special cooling and breathable properties that provides gentle cradling leading to sound sleep. These are also auto-resistant to body impressions that makes them durable and long lasting.

What are the benefits of body pillow?

Ideal for side sleepers and pregnant women as it improves posture and increases comfort for the spine, arms and legs in addition to improving blood circulation. Bodymate gives consistent head support and body support for people who roll over all night during their sleep. Pregnant women and the side sleepers who require extra-padding, body pillow and body mate will be the best solution for a healthy good night sleep.