Made of a natural combination consisting of coconut fiber and natural rubber, rubberised coir mattress have remained the first choice for families since decades. The flux of natural rubber and coconut fiber forged into a single sheet offers unparalleled comfort and firm support. The sheet is also capable of withstanding pressure, ensuring that they don’t sag, lose shape or droop in the centre with time. Also, rubberised coir mattresses provide excellent air circulation which gives maximum sleeping comfort during summer and humid climatic conditions.

Kurlon New Spinekare Kurlon New Spinekare

Kurlon New Spinekare

Rubberised Coir Mattress scientifically designed with Zero Pressure Point (ZPP) Technology..

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Kurlon New Super Deluxe Kurlon New Super Deluxe

Kurlon New Super Deluxe

Super Deluxe is made up of finest quality Rubberized Coir & PU Foam. Its extra puff soothe..

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Rubberised Coir Mattress online

Rubberised Coir Mattress online

Features that make rubberised coir mattress an ideal choice:

Natural elements

If you have a fancy for everything that is organic and natural in its elements, a rubberised coir mattress is the perfect choice for your bedding. Its natural components play a major role in keeping your body cool during summer and warm during winter.


Rubberised coir mattress have a firmness which is good for those with obesity or have the habit of sleeping in specific postures.

Long life span

Made of natural elements rolled into a single sheet, they are anti-sagging and hence, are a great value for money.

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