Coirfit Biolife LTX Active Coirfit Biolife LTX Active

Coirfit Biolife LTX Active

The BIOLIFE LTX mattress indulges you in Healthy, Organic goodness with resilient layer of..

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Springfit Imperial Max Latex Springfit Imperial Max Latex

Springfit Imperial Max Latex

This ultra-luxurious latex mattress fittingly called the Imperial Max Latex mattress provi..

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Latex Mattress

Latex Mattress

Buy latex foam mattress or rubber foam mattress online india, Kartabed

Latex mattress is nature's gift as most of the latex mattresses are made from the sap of the rubber tree, hence considered as the healthiest and natural mattresses on the market. Three types of latex mattress identified are pure natural, synthetic and blended.

Natural latex mattresses are quite expensive due to the long process of deriving the sap from the rubber tree, but highly durable giving healthy support to your body and some even long last for more than 20years. Synthetic latex mattresses follow natural latex mattress manufacture process except the chemicals are used in the process. Hence they are less expensive. Though they have the qualities of natural latex mattress the off gassing potential might be higher leading to less durability. Blended latex mattress is a combination of synthetic and natural latex mattress process. Off gassing potential is low and durability is also high.

Latex mattresses with pin-core or pencil-core design, both come with long lasting durability and are cost-effective. The comfort and longevity of the latex mattress is directly affected by the type of latex used. Buy fine quality premium latex foam mattress or rubber foam mattress at Kartabed at best price in India.

Why you should choose latex mattresses for good body support and sleep

100% Natural latex mattresses are, hence no off gassing giving you healthy sleeping surface. It reduces pressure points particularly in hips and shoulders. Strong durability of more than 40 years and naturally hypoallergenic. Less tossing and turning and hence better circulation with sound sleep.