Coirfit Biolife Visco

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Coirfit Biolife Visco

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Coirfit Luxury Collection is a harmony of wellness, ultimate comfort, best style along with complete support. This range consists of most advanced Coirfit Active Puf core giving best comfort and durability, premium fabrics from around the world, Exclusive NASA technology and an amazing mattress life.

Biolife is a source of general well-being and health. Sleeping on Biolife has an overall positive effect on the body, which goes beyond the usual re-generation that sleeping provides. It can lead to an increase in physical and mental well-being, encouraging the body to re-energise. A restored or rather improved energy balance enables you to wake up feeling re-vitalised and relaxed - the foundations for an active life.

Cradle is gravity defying, weightless comfort with Coirfit Biolife Visco memory foam mattress - Its real NASA TECHNOLOGY supporting your back while you sleep. Biolife's superior visco elastic material responds to your body contours, reducing stress and fatigue by giving you an amazing night's sleep! It supports body pressure points better as it takes more time to bounce back. No pressure means MORE COMFORT. Sleeping on Biolife has an overall positive effect on the body, which goes beyond the usual re-generation that sleeping provides. The best in class memory foam mattress for you.


  • Coirfit Biolife Visco Mattress - Heavenly Comfort
  • Memory Foam Blend.
  • Breathable - The special fabric and material permits a consistent and healthy transpiration of the mattress.
  • Hypoallergenic - The materials and constant transplratlon of the mattress ensures Its suitabllity even for those who suffer from allergles.
  • Electro-biological - it allows a correct interchange of electrical energy between the body and the surrounding environment.
  • Weights Independence - The mattress adjusts according to the non uniform weight distribution of the human body.
  • Resilient - Even if the mattress is subject to a constant high pressure, the mattress does not lose its original shape.
  • No springs - The mattress is completely deprived of springs and/or metal elements to increase its anti-static qualities and remove static shock problems.
  • Environmentally frlendly - There are no materials which are toxic.
  • Recyclable - The material are completely made from recyclable materials, respecting the environment.
  • Sanitized - An important feature which ensures the maximum hygiene of the coverlng fabric and the biolife core Inside.
  • Available in 6", 8" and 10" thicknesses.

  • Soft
  • Side Sleepers

Care Instructions:

  • Do not fold your mattress.
  • Flip the sides of mattress every three months.
  • Protect it from any kind of fire,liquid etc.


  • Warranty - 120 Months.
  • Warranty does not apply on cover.
  • Warranty does not cover normal wear & tear.

Delivery Area
Delivery Area All Over India
Feel Soft
Composition Memory Foam Blend
Price Range
Price Range ₹20566 - ₹80181
Thickness 6" & 8" Available
Warranty 120 Months

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