Cherish boundless comfort during times spent on your sofas with exquisite sofa cushions from Kartabed.

Fibroflex Cushions Fibroflex Cushions

Fibroflex Cushions

Fibroflex Rubberised Coir Cushions are firm and provide good support to the back while sit..

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Springfit Silicon Fill Cushion Springfit Silicon Fill Cushion

Springfit Silicon Fill Cushion

The comfort-enhancing and stress-relieving properties of Springfit products come alive in ..

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Sofa Cushions online

Sofa Cushions online

Handpicked online sofa cushions for your homes

Bring in a whole new level of comfort to your sofas with sofa cushions from Kartabed. Pick from our wide range of solid colored, textured and designed cushions made to feel guests welcome and your idle hours well spent.

Sofa cushions online with Fibre Fillings

Improve your body posture. Bid goodbye to back pains. Make guests say ‘Wow’ with sofa cushions that are designed for maximum comfort and ideal body posture.

Sofa cushions online with rubberised coir filling

Coir filled sofa cushions have a typical feeling that is quite nostalgic and native to our olden days. Buy sofa cushions online and relive our traditions. You can also use coir filled cushions in your car seats, office chairs or as backrest in dining tables.

How to select sofa cushions online that goes well with your living room design?

  1. Pick cushion cover colors that either match or contrast with your furniture. Plain solids or subtle fabric colors would be a good option if your room paint is of light colors
  2. You can also pick colors based on the sofa. A modern sofa will suit a solid designed cushion cover better. A traditional sofa will match plain designs or artistics ones
  3. The number of cushions must be one for each seat. You can also pop in additional cushions if you wish and also if the seat can accommodate all of them.
  4. The shape of the cushion can be square, oval or circle. Again, the furniture and its design will determine the ultimate choice