The benefit of space and comfort rolled into one. Having an extra guest at home? Or a member of the family who needs to sleep alone? You don’t know when a folding bed will prove to be useful. It is literally like a space expansion of your mattress when you need it.

Springfit Foldable Rollaway Bed Springfit Foldable Rollaway Bed

Springfit Foldable Rollaway Bed

The Springfit Folding Roll-Away Bed is one of the most admired products in the hospitality..


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Springfit Non Foldable Rollaway Bed Springfit Non Foldable Rollaway Bed

Springfit Non Foldable Rollaway Bed

The Springfit non-foldable Roll-Away Bed is geared to give the most discerning guests a tr..


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Folding Bed online

Folding Bed online

Looking for the best folding bed online?

At Kartabed, we have been sourcing industry best folding beds from all parts of India. Bolted with a strong folding frame that is sturdy yet lightweight, it is a perfect choice for any family. The legs and wheels are made of durable metal that will last for a time span longer than your expectations. The carbon-manganese alloy pocket springs are also built to be anti-corrosive and rust-resistant.

These folding beds also come pre-equipped with high-quality spring mattresses that delivers the same comfort as you can expect from a usual bed. Most importantly, they are easy to fold and unfold. You might need the help of a carpenter only at the time of installation.

Why buy Folding bed online?

  1. When you buy folding bed, you are getting several benefits that a fixed bed cannot provide.
  2. They give you the flexibility to increase and decrease space as and when you need.
  3. The frame can be easily folded and rolled away under your bed or in a closet until the time for use arises.
  4. The mattresses are super comfortable, you won’t feel any difference from sleeping on a cot.
  5. The extra durable casting ensure they enjoy a longer life span.

Why think any longer? Buy folding bed online from Kartabed and add some scalable comfort to your bedroom.