Viaggi Four in One Blanket Combo : Blue Viaggi Four in One Blanket Combo : Blue

Viaggi Four in One Blanket Combo : Blue

Features:4-in-1 Combo with Blanket, Pillow, Travel Carry Bag. Introducing the 4-in-1 Blank..


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Blanket at Kartabed

Large piece of woven cloth intended to keep you warm, blankets keeps your body warm without letting out the heat and warmth radiating from your body. Traditionally, blankets are made of wool but many soft, cozy cushiony blankets are made from buttery soft fleece. It covers you from head to toe. Kartabed gives you premium blanket from top brand at best price in India.

How to choose best blanket for a good night’s sleep?

Soft, fresh, cozy blankets adds on extra comfort while you go into deep slumber. A deep sleep means you wake up with fresh energy and dreams to chase. Some of the factors that helps choosing the right blanket for a good night sleep are -


The right temperature in your bedroom gives you a comfortable sound sleep and your blankets must be warmth enough to give your body desired temperature for a cozy night sleep.


Choose a fabric for blanket that is anti-allergic, gives protection from dust mites and smooth texture friendly to your skin. Cotton blankets are always friendly for summer sleep as well good in winter and are lightweight. Woolen blankets both heavy or lightweight dissipate moisture throughout night and keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. Synthetic blankets are warm but tend to attract static electricity and they don’t breathe or allow moisture to escape. Down blanket is thinner and lighter like a comforter. Fleece blanket are popular among children because of their soft and cozy nature. Vellux blankets are used in hotels that hypo allergenic withstands multiple wash.

Blanket size

Blanket size should be always few extra inches more than our mattress and our body length. The size varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and your mattress.