Fibroflex Cushions

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Fibroflex Cushions

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Fibroflex Rubberised Coir Cushions are firm and provide good support to the back while sitting. The natural fibres provide for air circulation thus keeping cool in summer and warm in winter.


  • Fibroflex Cushions - The perfect sofa mate.
  • Medium to High density Rubberised coir cushions made from natural coir fibre and latex rubber.
  • Natural ventilation keeps your body cool in our tropical climate.
  • Tailored in high quality cotton blended fabric.
  • Firm support for your back while sitting on a sofa.
  • Can also be used as a seat on the sofa.
  • Available in 2" & 3" thicknesses.

Care Instructions:

  • Rotate your cushions seasonally (every 3-4 months). This allows for cushions fibres to 'relax' from body pressure exerted when resting.
  • Flip your cushions every three to four months.
  • Avoid spills and accidents.
  • In case of spills, leave cushion uncovered and ventilated. Avoid using the cushion when it is wet or damp. If possible, place cushion in the sun.
  • Vacuum or dust the cushion regularly, giving special care to edges.
  • Avoid jumping on the cushions.
  • Coir fibres have naturally occurring knots in them and we recommend using thick cushion covers for better comfort.

Delivery Area
Delivery Area Only Tamil Nadu
Core Rubberised Coir
Feel Medium Firm
Composition Rubberised Coir
Price Range
Price Range ₹382 - ₹862
Thickness 2” & 3" Available

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