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Coirfit Posturematic

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Back pain is prevalent in more than half of the country's adult population, and is one of the main reasons most of us miss work or bow out of major life events.

Back pain is the second most common reason people find themselves at the doctor's office, it can interfere with your daily life and in some cases deplete your energy completely, whether it's a persistent ache in the lower back, shooting pains down the legs or muscle tightening, back pain really hurts.

Finally, there's good news for back pain sufferers from the house of Coirfit - India's first neuro-flexure mattress Posturematic.

Coirfit has done extensive work in body mapping and designing mattresses that reduce the stress and pressure points. In developing Posturematic, Coirfit technologists improved on the formulation of regular NASA's visco elastic material and created a product that offers superior orthopedic and anatomic support.

Neuro-Flexure Advantage
Coirfit Posturematic's design allows air to circulate freely throughout the core of the mattress through a series of engineered contours. With the arrangement of these elevations into distinct zones, with contoured area given to support the upper torso and legs, and under the head and neck areas, the spine is brought in alignment and pressure points are relieved with the placement of NASA's visco elastic temperature sensitive material.


  • Coirfit Posturematic - India's 1st Neuroflexure Mattress.
  • Memory Foam Blend.
  • Convoluted pores for a spa sensation at the head, neck, thigh & foot area.
  • Correct orthopedic position of the vertebral column.
  • Full relaxation of the body & nervous system.
  • Prevention against dust mites, bacteria, & toxic substances.
  • Complete air circulation & energy flow.
  • The mattress is powered with MEMO-ZIG technology.
    • Three zone sleeping system.
    • Penta core formulation.
    • Visco elastic nucleus.
    • Convoluted pressure relievers.
    • Climate Adapt Cover with dynamic temperature regulation feature.
  • Heavenly Comfort - Posturematic offers a unique hand feel, very soft and cosy providing ultra comfort, makes you feel like sleeping on a cloud. Posturematic covers are made with natural fibers and airymax material, ensuring high quality performance, enhanced comfort and has excellent durability.
  • International Style - Created from finest materials around the world, Posturematic is best in class mattress that you have been waiting for, for years.
  • Breathable - The special fabric and material permits a consistent and healthy transpiration of the mattress.
  • Hypoallergenic - The materials and constant transplratlon of the mattress ensures Its suitabllity even for those who suffer from allergles.
  • Electro—biological - it allows a correct interchange of electrical energy between the body and the surrounding environment.
  • Weights Independence - The mattress adjusts according to the non uniform weight distribution of the human body.
  • Resilient - Even if the mattress is subject to a constant high pressure, the mattress does not lose its original shape.
  • No springs - The mattress is completely deprived of springs and/or metal elements to increase its anti-static qualities and remove static shock problems.
  • Environmentally friendly - There are no materials which are toxic.
  • Recyclable - The material are completely made from recyclable materials, respecting the environment.
  • Sanitized - An important feature which ensures the maximum hygiene of the coverlng fabric and the biolife core Inside.
  • Available in 6", 8" and 10" thicknesses.

  • Soft
  • Side Sleepers

Care Instructions:

  • Do not fold your mattress.
  • Flip the sides of mattress every three months.
  • Protect it from any kind of fire,liquid etc.


  • Warranty - 84 Months.
  • Warranty does not apply on cover.
  • Warranty does not cover normal wear & tear.

Delivery Area
Delivery Area All Over India
Feel Soft
Composition Memory Foam Blend
Price Range
Price Range ₹30008 - ₹116436
Thickness 6", 8" & 10" Available
Warranty 84 Months

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