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Why you should buy mattress, pillow, cushions, bed at kartabed?


Get best mattress at best price in India, only in Kartabed. Exclusive mattress direct from manufacturer and free delivery all over India. Kartabed aims at giving you restful peaceful sleep for you to relax and rejuvenate for the next all day activities.

Latex foam mattress, memory foam, bonnell spring, pocket spring, PU foam, bonded foam mattress, Kartabed has handpicked every type of mattress from top brands. Hence they are exclusive mattress tested by fine quality, high durability, resilient, mite proof, anti-sagging, temperature friendly and most importantly gives uniform support to your body. You are surrounded by positive vibes while you are asleep in deep slumber relaxing your body and mind. From baby mattress, kid’s mattress to adult mattress and senior citizen mattress, Kartabed has best products for all.


Pillows are best companions of humans giving relaxed feel one yearns for, after day long activities. Good sleep with best pillow energizes you to the full.

Kartabed has picked a wide range of pillow online including neck pillow, pillow covers, travel pillow, boslter pillow, body pillow, throw pillows, sofa pillow, cushion pillow, memory foam pillows and more! There are matching pillow covers too, to decorate your home. Pillows are of 100% cotton fabric, mite-proof, anti-sagging, retains shape and give comfortable sleep.


Decorate your living room and bedrooms with beautiful cushions online at Kartabed. Give healthy posture and shape to your body with exclusive cushions. These cushions come with fine quality fabric, anti-sagging, anti-microbial, anti-allergic properties.


Stylish bedroom furniture for your bedroom from Kartabed. Experienced craftsmen with skilled workmanship bring exclusive bed online at Kartabed. Get unparalleled sleep experience with elegant lifestyle!

Hardwoods are the strong support structure of the bed to give better strength and longer life for years to come. Bed construction is planned according to industry standards. Mattresses have strong support system of box spring that gives longevity to the mattress. The bed is built with termite resistant wood and the wood structures are constructed using treated timber that is resistant to termites.

Also, buy mattress protector, mattress topper, bed linen, duvets, sleep mask and more at Kartabed and lead healthy long life.