About Us

Kartabed.com is an exclusive mattress & mattress accessories online portal, catering to a very niche segment of the e-commerce industry. We source different brands of mattresses from the manufacturers directly so as to help customers get a genuine product and derive the maximum benefit from their purchase. We are constantly adding more brands and mattress varieties to help the customer have a wide choice.

For manufacturers, the standard modus operandi in mattress sales and distribution has always been through channel partners. We have over the years realised that engaging these channel partners for the product to reach the end consumer results in significantly increased cost to the said customer.

To reduce the costs and with the greater penetration of internet and increasing trend in consumer preference for e-commerce, the virtual 'evolution' of Kartabed.com has taken place.

Kartabed.com is 'The' portal to visit as it brings the Seller and Buyer closer in a safe, hassle-free environment to buy mattresses and related furnishings at your convenience and at the touch of a button. We hope to benefit the consumer and cut down the huge costs involved by eliminating intermediaries and thus, bring the product closer to the consumer.

Our team is always at your service to help you with any doubts or questions you may have about our website and products. We always look at ways to provide our customers with the best value for their money without undergoing any hassles.

Kartabed.com is the online marketplace offshoot of Fibroflex (India) Private Limited (formerly Bharat Motors), a renowned and established Rubberised Coir mattress manufacturer in South Tamilnadu, India. Fibroflex is one of the oldest brands of mattresses in India and is well known for the quality and durability of their products.

Kartabed.com Values

  •  Customer Satisfaction - We want our customers to be extremely delighted and satisfied after our interaction. We are eager for any feedback that helps us improve.
  •  Honesty - What we do and from whom we source, is out there for all to view.
  •  Excellence - We try to ensure that the product that you finally receive is up to the exacting standards that you expect from us and our manufacturers.

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